Dear Jemaine, despite the fact that i don’t speak english fluently -I’m a spanish girl-, i’m going  to try to write you a letter. I know, it sounds silly ,because i’m no longer a teenager (i wish), but for me, this days, is necessary.

I’m just writing this just to say, that i profoundly admire you. I love your work, i love your voice when you sing and i love all your songs, and of course i love “The flight of the conchords”.

I had an inmediate platonic crush  when i first saw Vlad in the screen of my television and i laughed so hard, with you and the cast, (specially Rhys),  i almost died.”What we do in the shadows” was a dream come true for us, Flight fans. “Twilight” fans too, i guess. So many references.

“People, places, things” was very touching too. I emphatized with your character inmediately and cried a lot. Which was actually good. I needed it.

And “Eagle vs shark” made me admire you -and Taika-, even more.

This days are bad, i admit. This aren’t good times for me. I’ve been struggling with so many issues and as many people say, fiction is a good ally when days are dark. Also music. I’ve asking myself why i didn’t discover your band earlier, why i wasn’t aware of your existence. I’ve missed so many gigs! But i know i speak in the name of many people when i say, we want you to tour again and fill our hearts with the magic of your music. i want the opportunity to go and see you and Bret sing and play. I know this must sound cheesy, but again, i dont speak english very well.

I’m not sure you’ll read this, in fact, i know you won’t. But just because my brother just entered my room, saw me doing this and almost died of laughter, i hope you do, so i don’t feel so lunatic and ridicule.

I am only one person who doesn’t matter, but i know there are lots of people like me, that admire you and know the importance of this things. Art, movies, music. they make our lives so much better. So i must say: thank you, because when i was down i had your songs and your films -among other marvellous thinks- which helped me in my healing process.


A fan, who will forever be.

Greetings from Spain.





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